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edit: I drew the first sketch awhile ago and forgot. It's referenced off a political cartoon which appeared in The Spectator. The cartoonist was not credited by name, it was signed but I couldn't read the signature and was unable to figure out who created it.

is the signature



From picture telephone, I think I messed up and lost the .psd file, so no full sized version. My prompt was "It's another day in the ocean, and the mighty Palafin has enlisted the power of Kyogre's Water Spout to vanquish the wicked Toxapex, for which the Sun seems grateful."
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Hi again! Today the PS! Wi-Fi room is having another OGA day! Today's theme is the Rivals Giveaway! Lots of good stuff to win, hope to see you there


got inspired by Appletun a la Mode coloring some of my sketches, wanted to make them more expressive and do more dynamic poses

edit: minor correction, forgot to color the tongue


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No thanks, he stinks (just kidding, ty swiffi penguin [Kidding about the no thanks part, he still stinks])
'tis a cute piplup by the way, I actually really like how the simple colour blocks+gradients suit what you make. I'm a big fan of your recent zangoose and seviper piece if anything really catches my eye on this page. Just read more, kudos to Appletun a la mode for inspiring you. Love to see everyone being inspired to do things by each other, especially here with how well it works with your style
blablabla basically your beautiful art has bedazzled my beaming brain

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